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A picture is worth a thousand words, but a film is worth a million pictures.

How can you afford not to have a wedding film? Our memories fade as our time goes by. The candid moments of your wedding day – a single tear drop of happiness, a poignant speech, a spontaneous dance off – would be gone forever if not for the magic of motion pictures. We are the preservationists and the keepers of the moments you’ve been waiting for.

As cinematographers, we have a special gift that we don’t take for granted – the gift of seeing what others do not. We view your wedding day from behind our lens with a unique perspective. We have worked diligently to develop a style of filmmaking that transcends your average wedding video.

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Let us Tell Your Story Through  LUXURY CINEMATOGRAPHY


A wedding film is a family heirloom capturing the true essence of the union of two families. Is there a more priceless investment? 

Secure your wedding date today. Because of the care poured into each film, only two weddings per month can be accepted.

Our Cinema Packages start at $2,000 and include a Full Day of Coverage. We offer a variety of pricing and package options designed to fit your exact needs. 

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